Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Heat Is On!

Writing the blog a day early this week as I am planning on taking some time off for the Father's Day weekend. The temperature here today is 104 degrees. I guess Summer has officially arrived. What I find crazy about this whole thing is that Mike rides his bike to work and back in this heat. Around 11 miles round trip per day at three days a week=33 miles per week. He shows no sign of letting up, and I feel like I should be following him home like they do the the Tour de France! Good luck, Mike!

Tomorrow, now that school is out, I'll be taking the day up with my son, Max, who wants to build a shelter to put inside the aviary for his quail. This will protect them from the extremes in temperatures when Winter comes and will also facilitate the laying of their eggs when the time comes. He's recently added more quail, parakeets, and finches to the aviary. All the birds seem to be getting along quite nicely and living happily, and Max couldn't be happier. He continues to think about and add things to the aviary as his Summer's project. Each night, Betty, Max, and I sit out by the Coi pond and listen to the birds sing. It's actually very relaxing, which is something I'm taking the time out to enjoy more and more these days...

As you know, Father's Day is this weekend, and since my daughters will be working on Sunday, we're going to switch it up and celebrate on Saturday night, which will be great! All my kids will be there, including Max, Cole, Aimee, and Renee. My mother is also joining us and we'll be having barbecue ribs, my wife's famous rice pilaf, and other treats. It will be good to share with the family the relaxation I enjoy near the Coi pond listening to the birds sing. That's livin'!

So if you're a father, Happy Father's Day to you, and make sure to take time and celebrate your father on Father's Day this Sunday.

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