Friday, June 01, 2007

Home From School

Thanks, Mike, for taking over the blog last week. Betty and I headed north to the Bay Area to help our son, Cole, pack up his things and move out of the dorms for the Summer. Cole was lucky enough to land a resident assistant job for next year, so things are looking good for his return this Fall. After we helped him pack up, we all drove to San Francisco and had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Scoma's. The city was jam packed with tourists for the holiday weekend, and it took us over an hour to get over the San Francisco Bridge. We all had a great dinner, though, and Cole is now back at home where he's got a job as an assistant to a CPA.

Robert Baxt and his Funny Money

Last week, as Mike mentioned, my good friend Robert Baxt was here on his way to California Magic & Novelty Dinner Theater to perform for the weekend. While Robert was here, he and I worked out the details for manufacturing his latest release called Funny Money. Although at the moment I can't give out more information, I will say that it will be ready for release in the next few weeks. This effect will include all the props and a DVD of Robert performing this effect live at the Magic Castle. This is a great comedy magic effect that Robert has been using in his own show, and it's one of those great "packs small, plays big" effects that you will have with you at all times!

Tim Mannix always gets the chicks

My good friend Tim Mannix from Hollywood was here this week. Tim's an outstanding full-time family performer, and he always has the coolest stuff to trade with me. One of the treasures I got from him was a custom made Backgammon table decked out with card and magic designs! It is a true one-of-a-kind, and it sits in the middle of the showroom. He also brought with him a lot of antique and collectible props as well as custom Bob Mackie costumes from the Carol Burnett Show worn by Carol and her cast in a magic sketch. Tim spent most of the day here and had a great time roaming the place and checking out all the magic products here.

Doug Malloy's new Vanishing Radio

In case you haven't seen it yet, we are very excited to bring to you Doug Malloy's latest creation, the Vanishing Radio! Two years ago, Doug and I sat down and discussed the possibilities of updating this now classic effect! Doug put his nose to the grindstone, and after trial and error, has developed the best modern version ever offered in my opinion. If you ever considered adding this effect to your act or are even interested in this effect, this is the one to consider!

How many of you got started with one of these? This is an original Marshall Brodien TV Magic Kit. By the looks of Marshall on the box, he appears to be in his early 20s. I just received this in the mail today, and it's in perfect condition with all the original props intact. This will be a fine addition to my growing collection of magic kits which are "appearing" and growing steadily in my office:

Here are just a few of the kits in my collection

Some of my favorites are an original Doug Henning Magic Kit, several Blackstone Jr. Magic Kits, an original Mandrake the Magician Magic Kit, and Man from U.N.C.L.E. Magic Kit. I love looking through each one of them and the different tricks; it brings back so many childhood memories. If you have any old magic kits that you'd like to sell, please contact me at 800-407-4040 or email me at as I am interested.

This week, Mike has done an outstanding job listing a record number of new products. If you haven't visited the web site lately, do yourself a favor and CHECK IT OUT!

This weekend, I have no plans to travel or go anywhere. I'll relax at home with my wife and sons. Here's to hoping you have a well rested weekend as well.

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