Friday, June 08, 2007

Project Complete

This week, I wanted to talk about a project I am particularly proud of. A little over a year ago, we approached Harry Anderson about the prospect of producing what I think is his best routine of all: Cuff Links. Although this has been a previously-marketed product, I felt a revamping and updating of this particular effect was in order. After much discussion, Harry graciously agreed to allow us to produce a professional quality outfit, and Cuff Links Supreme was born! If you aren't familiar with this routine, it is non-stop comedy in a stand-up atmosphere that is guaranteed fun for all, including you!

Just to let you in on how the manufacturing process works, a part of this routine involves a special set of gimmicked handcuffs. We ruined over 100 pairs of handcuffs before we found the right style, the correct welding process, and the best quality handcuffs out there. The gimmick on the cuffs must be welded to insure lifelong durability and functionality. So challenge number one was finding someone who was willing to do the special weld on each set of cuffs. Now, as simple as this may sound, it's not as easy as you might think; after two months, we found someone who was not only willing to do the work, but did it exactly the way we requested.

The next obstacle was the two special wallets required to perform the routine as Harry does it. One wallet is a magnetic locking Himber Wallet and the other is a matching wallet that functions as a fire wallet. For these two items, the best person who came to mind immediately for this kind of work was my good friend, Tony Curtis, from overseas. After several months of samples being sent back and forth, the final approval was made, and the wallets were custom manufactured specifically for this effect.

The next part was the printing of the manuscript. Thanks go to Mike Caveney and Harry Anderson, for they allowed us to reprint a portion of Harry's routine, word-for-word from Harry's and Mike's original book, "Wise Guy." The manuscript turned out perfect, including photo illustrations and the necessary details.

The next step was including an actual live performance of Harry Anderson performing this routine. Thanks to Meir Yedid, we were granted permission to include a full DVD live performance from Harry's HBO Special, and it is FUNNY!

Last but not least, all the components were gathered and put together. The final product is, in my estimation, one of the best produced outfits that Hocus Pocus has ever been involved in, and we've had our share! It took many months to bring this project to fruition, and I am extremely proud to offer it to you.

The reason why I felt it necessary to give you a step-by-step procedure of this process was to show how much really goes in to creating and marketing a particular effect; it's not as easy as it may seem. There are many hours spent, money spent, and lots of trial and error to get it right. In the end, when done properly from start to finish, you have a product to be proud of and have complete confidence that those who acquire it will be just as satisfied as you are with the final result.

In closing, I guarantee that if you purchase this effect and take the time to learn and perfect it, you will have one of the strongest and most memorable routines that audiences will remember forever!

For all the details on Harry Anderson's Cuff Links Supreme, click HERE!

Now that you understand the creative process, I'm very excited to announce that the new Robert Baxt effect, Funny Money is now online for pre-order! All the components of this effect, again custom-made to Roberts exacting specifications, are here and being assembled. We are currently awaiting the live performance and instructional DVD, which, speaking to Robert, should be here next Tuesday or Wednesday, and immediately thereafter, all pre-orders will ship.

For all the details on Robert Baxt's Funny Money, click HERE!

We at Hocus Pocus take pride in every project we are involved in. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and we'll continue to strive to give you the very best we can.

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