Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Friday Already?

I can't believe Friday is already here! This week went by with supersonic speed; we've been so busy, everyone has been running around like headless chickens. So many new products are hitting the shelves, and we've been making deals to bring you new Hocus Pocus Exclusives, and they'll be appearing on the web site shortly, so stay tuned.

I hope your Father's Day weekend was a great and relaxing one. Last Friday, My sons, Max and Cole, surprised me by completely cleaning out the Koi pond. They went out and bought a shop vac, removed all the Koi from the pond, completely drained the pond, and scrubbed it down like it's never been done before. This is done once per year and not an exciting or fun project, as you may well guess. By the the time I got home on Friday, they had spent the entire day on the project and the water was sparkling clear and the Koi were swimming in joy. What a nice gift. As if that weren't enough, Max and Cole also bought me two Butterfly Koi to add to the pond. Thanks, Max and Cole, for a wonderful Father's Day!

Saturday night, we had dinner and everyone was there, including my daughters, Aimee and Renee, my mother, and Betty. We had a great dinner and everyone enjoyed themselves. Aimee kept us all entertained as only she can. Pretty lucky I have such great kids.

Craig Harlan and me

You might remember several months ago I wrote about my good friend, Craig Harlan, who was going through a personal battle with cancer. I am very happy to say that after a long, hard road to recovery, Craig came in yesterday and is completely cancer-free and he looked great! He looked like the ol' Craig all of us remember. He had a pep in his step and a renewed excitement that was extremely infectious! Craig has been a close friend for many years and has watched and helped Hocus Pocus grow into what it is today. It's like I said before: it's about keeping everything in perspective. I couldn't be happier about Craig's progress; it is nothing short of a miracle.

Would you like one of these?

Would you like one of these? There's no doubt that the most popular giveaway in the history of Hocus Pocus has been the giant Bicycle card box. We've literally given away hundreds of them with no signs of slowing down. We've recently obtained a limited supply of these once again so here's the deal: until next Friday, June 29th at midnight PDT, any order placed with a request for a giant Bicycle card box gets one! We'll send you one as a free gift with any purchase made! These make great decorations for your magic room and have enough room to house more than a dozen regular decks of playing cards. It's just another way of saying thank you from Hocus Pocus.

While you have time this weekend, here's my list of some things you should DEFINITELY check out on the web site; they get my highest recommendation:

Maurice Fogel - In Search Of The Sensational Book - In stock now

The System DVD Set by Dan and Dave - In stock now

Tickling the Mind DVD, Volumes 1 & 2 by Mel Meller - In stock now

Dead Zone Pro by Andy Nyman - In stock now

Connected DVD by Peter Harrison - In stock now

Oh, and I just got a phone call from Bob Kohler telling me that the Fitch Kohler Professional Holdout System is available once again! This is very exciting, and the Holdout truly takes magic to a completely different level. Check it out here!

Just a small sampling of some of the hottest products we've gotten in the past week. And now, it's time for me to go out in the warehouse as I spot the UPS truck pulling in with even more magic! I love my job. Have a great weekend.

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