Thursday, April 21, 2005

On the Road Again

"On the Road Again" is a great title, because if you remember last week, we headed south to Hollywood, California for the great, semi-annual Magic Castle Swap Meet. As tradition merited, we had our annual Friday lunch at Musso & Frank's. Everyone was there: Gerald and Chuck Kirchner, owners of Magic City, Robert Baxt, R. Paul Wilson, Joe Porper, Pete Biro, Lou Hirchorn, and Louis St. Pierre of Hollywood Magic, the legendary Carl Ballantine, and late guest arrival, Geno Munari of Houdini Magic shops! One of the great highlights was seeing Joe Porper and Louis St. Pierre renew their friendship as they hadn't seen each other in 30 years. Our sides were splitting as they rekindled old stories of shooting pool together and even being tossed in jail! Joe then demonstrated his latest product, the Folding Key (you may have noticed it on the web site already) and blew everyone away! This is yet another example of the genius machinist Joe really is!

After lunch, the whole gang walked across the street to Hollywood Magic with Louis! I was honored when Louis took me upstairs to the famous "Locked Room," where I was privvy to one of the largest collections of antique magic and books I've ever seen in one place! Louis is a great guy and really loves magic! Afterwards, it was back to the hotel for a little R&R with Louis, Chuck, Gerald, and the rest of the gang.

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Louis St. Pierre and me

After we all got some rest, it was dinner with the Princess of Magic herself, Irene Larsen!

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Louis St. Pierre, Chuck Kirchner, and Irene Larsen

Later, it was showtime at the Magic Castle, where I had the pleasure of seeing a truly unique young man named Arthur Trace! He performed a manipulation act with a large, abstract painting. I've seen a lot of magic acts in my lifetime, and I have never seen anything like this! After the performance, Dale Hindman was informing us that the AMA was going to sponsor Arthur to go to FISM with this act! I guarantee you will be hearing a lot about this exceptionally talented young man!

The next day, Saturday, we got up at the crack of dawn to stand in line for the Swap Meet. I always get to talk to my old friends like Frank Thurston while I wait in line. There weren't as many dealers as usual this time around, but there were still some good deals to be had! The next Swap Meet is in September, and you can bet we'll be there!

This week has really flown by! Lots of new things we're really excited about, including Devin Knight & Al Mann's Glass Box Prediction! This will be available the first week in May, and already everyone is talking about it. We've already started taking pre-orders. Go to our website and read all about the details! Just click on the banner and you're there!

Another exciting product we received this week is called "Child's Play," and it's anything BUT! I predict this will be one of the hottest products we've had in a while. It's so practical and easy to use, you'll have this with you every single day. Terrific for a guy who is a table-hopper, mentalist, and even stage performer! The price is so low, I still can't believe it! Can you tell I like this item? Check it out on the website as well.

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Dirk Losander and Luna Shimada

Congratulations to Dirk Losander and Luna Shimada! I just hung up with Losander, and he announced that they are expecting another child! Yahoo! It couldn't happen to two nicer people and parents! We send them all our well-wishes.

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Lewis Black

Oh yeah, and the "On the Road Again?" Betty and I are heading north tomorrow to San Francisco to see Lewis Black, one of my favorite comedians (Mike is extremely jealous as Lewis is Mike's favorite comedian of all time)! Just looking at his picture makes me laugh! Betty and I will be having dinner at our favorite restaurant, Scoma's, and walk by the beach before seeing the show at the Warwick Theatre.

So there you have it: quite a full week, and who knows what's in store for the week to come? There's always something exciting happening at Hocus Pocus!

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